I want to chart values by day, week, month and year


Hi there, I have a data entry app where one of the things donors enter is the dollar value of their donation, I would like to be able to chart the total values by segments, such as a monthly view, a weekly view, a yearly view and a daily view of total donation. This doesn’t seem to be possible in the chart UX but maybe I’m missing something?

So I have it so it shows me daily totals, but is there a way can can make it show me monthly totals? and I don’t want to see all the log entries at once, I want to be able to choose the sections I look at.

So I figured it out, but the only way I could do it was by making a slice for the data I wanted to isolate in the chart, and the only way I could figure out to present it was by making a separate view with a separate chart for each slice. I would much rather it just be one view with like a drop down option to switch views, but that may not be possible.

Histgram chart should be the one that solve your proglam as well as achieve your goal, I suppose.

My understanding to your requirement, if i m correct, is you want to aggregate the row / fields value from day/date level to mm/yyyy level and render chart in that way? for instance, the chart will display the sum of each mm/yyyy for the price fields in aggregation.

There are few workaround to achieve it.

It is bit complex, and should be benefit to share the trick in the community for the benefit to the others who may have the same task.

I created quick sample, made it public, then placed to my company portfolio.


Look inside.

Not difficult.


@jared ^

Good to see this caught your eyes (as expected!).
Applying same/similar technique to deal with Tableau in general. haha.

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@tsuji_koichi You’re a life saver thanks!


Good and well found.

Nothing is impossible with Appsheet.


I can make use of this in my app, thanks…

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Ok, that is PERFECT, honestly I’m not going to implement the changes right now, what I’ve done serves my purposes to present it to my boss, but it is a great reference to show her the possibility. I very much appreciate you!

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