I want to create a Fuel usage app

I want to create a fuel usage app. One that I can track a specific fuel type, user, vehicle, pump reading,
vehicle odometer, gallons pumped, and have them sign.

I want the users to be able to have app on mobile device and be able to fill out form. After form is filled out by them following each step, it then will email me a completed form.

But for Appsheeet billing, I don’t know where to begin.


You can build your app for FREE. I suggest to start with the free plan, build out your app and the features you want then you can use an analysis tool in the app that will tell you what plan you might need when you are ready to deploy it - meaning when you are ready to give it to actual users to start using.

Up until you deploy, you can do everything for free even have a few test users help with testing of the app!!



At its most basic, you app would require that you create a table (Gsheet etc.) with a column for each of you parameters eg. Date| Driver | fuel type | user | vehicle reg | pump reading,
vehicle odometer | gallons pumped |Sign | etc.

Appsheet can then read from your table and create a default form. It will even detect the data type for each column quite accurately.

A form will be automatically created where your users can enter the data.

For emailed reports you will need to set up a template in Google Docs that formats your report as required
Finally a workflow instance will be needed that determines where and how the report is emailed…
Let me know if you really get stuck and I will be glad to help… If no one else has a better way that is :smiley:

Good luck

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