I want to create a map view of the location o...

(James Kipp) #1

I want to create a map view of the location of field service personnel.

Reflecting their location every 30 minutes - even every hour - is fine.

How can i make this happen?

I’m familiar with the Here() expression, but can’t figure out how to apply it to periodically capture users’ locations.

(Tony Fader) #2

@James_Kipp1 It’s not possible to periodically send data in the background like you want. You can capture a user’s location when they add or edit a row, though.

You might want to request this feature: http://appsheet.com/feature-requests or upvote it if it exists.

(James Kipp) #3


I may be able to work with that.

Would that be done with the Here() expression?

Would a “Most Recent Location” column with the Here() expression save the location of the user who last saved the record?

(Tony Fader) #4

@James_Kipp1 Yes, that’s right. You could create a hidden column in your table of type LatLong with HERE() as the initial value.