I want to create more text fields and add serial number

I have a Store Computer and I need create orders with serial number by product
for example:
I sales two mainboards and i want to creare orders with quantity, description, serial number and price
The serial number is unique and isn’t same as the product code
If i sales two mainboards with 123 product code i have two serial numbers: A1234 and A567
I want to enter data in the form and if a put in column quantity two so i want to scan a twice
The result of the serial number would be: A1234,A567


Thanks you

Set the column type for the Serial Number column to EnumList with a base type of Text. Optionally set the initial value expression for the Quantity column to COUNT([Serial Number]) to automatically set the quantity from the number of serial numbers entered.

Thanks Steve but it doesn’t work :frowning:

Let me look the screen

In what way doesn’t it work? Is there an error message?

The application doesn’t let me enter data when I put enumlist

Can you provide a screenshot of the column definition pane showing more information?

Yes of course! :smiley:

Does the column have a Valid_If expression? If so, what is it?

I create valid if in columnd [Quantity] but in columnn [Serial Number] don’t have “Valif if”

Please show me the rest of the column definition. Almost there! :slight_smile:

Column Serial Number

I can’t scan barcode

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Ah, looking at a test app of my own, you can’t use the scanner with EnumList.

If I subscribe to Appsheet, would they develop it? :frowning:

I don’t know… :frowning:

Is there any other solution? another way to do it? :frowning:

Nothing I’d call simple. Others might have suggestions. @LeventK?

Please! i need solutions :frowning:

I have other query please :slight_smile:
I want to add a button, let me show the example

I have 2 tables: Orders and Order Details
I create other 2 tables: Buys and Buy Details
I use a sample app “Order Capture”

I did the same steps to get that ADD button but it doesn’t appear in my new creation

It sounds that the Ref column’s option “Is a part of” is set to FALSE.

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Hi @Cyber_Driver_Corpora Enable “Is part of” here .

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