I want to embed a form from an app for custom...

(Simon Bailey) #1

I want to embed a form from an app for customers to request a catalogue. I would like to use an app (rather than a simple google form) so that when they type in their account code it shows them their postcodes to select which address they want it to go to. Then I also know the data is correct.

The problem is the app takes a few seconds to sync, which is fine when people know they’re using an app, but when it’s just a form on a webpage it’s a bit of a pain.

I have a Premium account to make apps per user, so I’m using that account to test this out without sign in (just a couple of people) If I had a seperate account for a public app would it work quicker for some reason?

(Simon Robinson) #2

I don’t think the account type would make much difference.

I’m guessing the addresses are already stored in their own table?

A quick suggestion would be to check out the sync time analyser in the editor to check for any inefficient parts

(Simon Bailey) #3


It’s the table of postcodes for lookup that takes the time, which is what I thought as I initially had 22,000 rows, then reduced it to 6,000. But this still takes about 4 seconds in total.

I forgot the simple thing, that google sheets are faster to check than excel in dropbox. As I don’t need to update the customer list I’ve moved it to sheeets and it is much faster

Thanks for your help looking in the analyser was what reminded me of that.

(Aleksi Alkio) #4

You could use security filter with the Public app so the app would be totally empty.

(Simon Bailey) #5


Thanks. I was thinking that as it filled up it would slow down, but that should work. I’ll try it