I want to fill up a form using pictures in se...

(Soldy ALDC) #1

I want to fill up a form using pictures in several gallery views. I know I can go to a form view from a gallery view and can pre-populate fields LINKTOFORM (“FORMNAME” , “COLUMNNAME” , “VALUE1”) but I want to pre-populate fields with different gallery views. pizza online order example: starts with pictures of pizza sizes after you select your size, takes you to pictures of sauces, then to pictures of all ingredients, so on and so forth, but its all images filling up the order form. how can I do that here???

(GreenFluxLLC) #2

If you view the datasource, the image column is just a bunch of text values that refer to the image location-- either relative to your GDrive or a full URL.

You can populate a dropdown with images to select by adding a list of these links in the Suggested Values formula. Use TableName[Image] in the Suggested Values formula and you should get a list of all images to select.

(Soldy ALDC) #3

@GreenFlux thanks, but that’s what I’m doing right now

(Reza Raoofi) #4

As you have figured, forms don’t work with gallery view, and using LINKTOFORM() function you can only pre-populate a form once in the end, so the options are limited.

I think this could be the closest to

what you have in mind: If you have a table of all possible options each in a separate row, then you could use LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW() to navigate through consequent gallery views, and once user narrows it down to the final single row then an action button could fire LINKTOFORM().