I want to filter "Flat/Unit" dropdown column ...

(Swapna Nirman Welfare Association) #1

I want to filter “Flat/Unit” dropdown column based on the “Status” of payment. So the drop down should only display “Flat/Unit” whose “Status” is “DUE” .I used SELECT expression for this which is working fine for new additions.

However, when I try to update a record, it says invalid entry as the

"Flat/Unit"s status for this specific column is changed to

“Clear” while addition.

Is there any way around it?

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

You can use for example SELECT(…)+{CONCATENATE([_THIS])} in Valid_If

(Swapna Nirman Welfare Association) #3

Worked like a charm. Thanks @Aleksi_Alkio