I want to have an app automatically check a column after a certain period

I have been looking through the community but I haven’t been able to find anything that is helpful. How do I go about this. I want the app the check the column for an email address in one table while it refers to the other table that has the list of staff. I want this to happen automatically. If there’s an article I missed. Please kindly link it. Thank you

Hi @Aldrin_Nyamweda

Here are good documents to start:

Hi Aurelien

Table 1 has an empty column [UploadedBy] because it will not always have emails, and the Email column in the Staff table, is the list of emails. I want the app to always check for emails that are not yet in the [UploadedBy] this using a bot, and send reminders to these emails

This is the expression I have come up with.

In([UploadedBy],LIST(Lookup(Useremail(), Staff, Email, Email)))

I am not sure where to go from here using Bots

Hi @Aldrin_Nyamweda

In Automation panel, create a bot that will run with a condition:

If you start creating a bot, you may have a suggested one that matches partly your expectation.

I suggest you take one that is suggested with a “send an email” description, then you modify it in order to match your expectations, that may be easier for you than making it from scratch.

You have to keep in mind that Bots have multiple components, as it is explained in the previous link.
In short:

  • Events ==> you can set Schedule
  • Process ==> made of steps, each one can be a task

Additional reference: