I want to hide column if value equals blank

Hi everyone -

I am a new user, and I would like to understand how I can hide a column when the value = blank. Step-by-step guidance would be highly appreciated.

Thank you!

Hi @Sol_Eskenazi

It can be hidden with Show_if.
The ISBLANK expression can be used to check if value is blank.

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I just noticed that by default, AppSheet does not show column if the value is blank.
In other word, does it look the way you want it to by default?

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Thank you for your response! Please see below for what is happening (columns Deposit and Service Fee). I would appreciate any additional guidance on how I can hide the values.


In Table View Type, columns cannot be hidden by Value status.
This is because if there is even one Value in the column, it has to be displayed.

If you really need to do this, you may be able to create two Slices and use them differently depending on the status of the column.
However, this would be a tricky implementation and is not recommended.

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Thank you @Takuya_Miyai. This is very helpful.

Using slice can be an alternative.