I want to know how can I have latest status f...

(Balkrishna Mishra) #1

I want to know how can I have latest status from below example

Table 1 ---------------- Lead Data ID

Latest Staus from Table 2 below ===========

========================== XSRTFD

??? i need here latest status

Table: 2 --------------- Lead ID

Follow up ID

Followup Date

Followup Sttaus ===========







Quote Invited XSRTFD



Quote Accepted

Please help.

(Kranthi Kumar) #2

Hi. Try using a ‘Spreadsheet Formula’ here:

Lets says Table 1 is Sheet1 and Table 2 is Sheet2 =LOOKUP(2,1/(Sheet2!A:A=Sheet1!A2),Sheet2!D:D)

(Aleksi Alkio) #3

Try something like this… ANY(SELECT( [RelatedVirtualListName][Followup Status], [Followup Date]=MAX([RelatedVirtualListName][Followup Date]) ))

(Balkrishna Mishra) #4

Does Not solve the issue… it gives max followup status whether it was used or not

(Balkrishna Mishra) #5


what is this 2,1

(Kranthi Kumar) #6

@Balkrishna_Mishra Number 2 in fact doesnt matter. We are just trying to exploit the lookup formula behavior by asking it to search for something that doesn’t exist in the list. Since 2 doesn’t exist in the list it will go back to last 1 (which is row2 in this condition). Did that formula work?