I want to re-order the fields in a data entry...

(Kevin Roy) #1

I want to re-order the fields in a data entry form. Right now, the order mirrors the structure of the Google sheet the app is connected to. I’d rather not reorder my columns in the underlying sheet. Basically, I need to get three fields that are required to the top (ie the first three fields) and then the optional fields be listed below. I don’t see this as an option

  • am I missing it?
(Grant Stead) #2

The only way to currently do this is to create a slice of your table with no conditions. Then you can reorder your columns in the slice, and tie your views to this new slice…

(Aleksi Alkio) #3

Create a slice and reorder your fields there and then use that slice as a source for your form view.

(Kevin Roy) #4

Grant/Aleksi - slicer worked well, thanks