I want to send an email to a column of email addresses (only one if there are duplicates0

I have a view that has a column of an employee name and a column with the manager.
I want to use Reports to send a daily email to each manager in the manager column, but if they have more than one entry in the table, I still want them to only get one email.
Can I use the slice as my source?

I presume you may have app user table where have the name of managers as well as employees. and you made ref set up to pick up the manager name for a table? where you have column for employees and managers? (im uttely not sure your table schema though)

In that case, your user table for user should have auto-generated list type -as associated child record. The records from reference tables where the person is selected as managers.

you should use this list type to genereate another list from that listd where you show the record with date only for TODAY()

On the parent, you count the number of record on the parent record where how many child recoard falling on todays date.

If this number is more than 1, then use as trigger condition to fire the report.

As one idea.

Following expression can be used as a slice’s row filter condition, or a Report’s condition (for Reports that’ll run on every record in table), to limit to only the first record for each unique manager.

[_THISROW] = MINROW( thisTable , "_RowNumber" , [manager] = [_THISROW].[manager] )
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