I want to talk to you about OCR

Hello app creators. We’re working on a new optical character recognition (OCR) feature, and I would love to hear from you all about how you would use this feature in your apps. You can reply to this thread or shoot me an email at tony@appsheet.com.


This is awesome @tony

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The use case for this that one of my clients has is to be able to OCR a Store Receipt for materials purchased and enter them against a Budget set up for categories. It would be awesome if we can combine AI and OCR to do this. If there were budget categories, say Lighting and Plumbing and the receipt had Bulbs and Faucet, for example, that they would be categorized and recorded properly.


Tony, my use case:
Transcribing materials tickets into the app (similar to receipts). A shipper brings a load of material, such as sand, we must record the quantity of sand brought and maybe other details such as the truck ID. This is recorded on physical tickets that the truck drivers keep for their records / payment, and we get a copy as well.

One issue is these tickets can come in a large variety of formats, meaning it would be difficult to have reliable OCR.

How I would use it with AppSheet:

Ideally, I would scan a ticket and be able to use SPLIT() on some character or character(s) to break the ticket apart. Users could then identify, for that particular ticket format, where the relevant information lies in terms of an index number on the SPLIT() list. These index numbers would be remembered / carried forward and should stay consistent for a particular ticket format.

In this manner, users should be able to set up a convenient workflow for OCR scanning of a wide variety of tickets…


I would love this as we read water meters and this would be helpful to log the numbers automatically.


@Max and @Jonathon, could you email me a couple of example images? tony@appsheet.com

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Hi TONY, I just got few questions.

OCR feature would work during offline?

When the user take photo for the digital indicator fixed on some equipment, then OCT could read numbers and transform to text ?



I would love to use it in 3 ways

  1. LPR - license plate reader to scan cars lisence plates
  2. ID scanner to search for certain fields in an ID card.
  3. Data scraping from a web app in order to collect data from a service i dont have an api for

This is awesome. Can’t wait

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I would use it for a number of manufacturing use cases

  • Receiving items
  • Receipts for expense reports
  • Stock takes
  • Packaging mock-ups

Oooooo, I like this. :slight_smile:

I have clients in the medical sector, they would love to be able to import data from reports produced by diagnostic/testing equipment.


@tony One user case would be… emplyees are measuring roof, walls etc. level by level (in a building) with laser before they can start the manufacturing process with inside walls. With the OCR they could read the measure directly from the laser’s display without manual typo error.


Really Great.
I think it could be used to match and confirm purchasing records and the scanned suppliers invoice to make sure quantity and price is same or % within tolerance.


AP invoicing…


My first need for it would be to read through pdfs to quickly find the information related. For e.g. currently, I save quotes and invoices in pdfs to send to customers and scan a copy of the signed hard copy in pdfs as well. When a customer called in to discuss something about a certain quote or invoices, I use the pdf editor to search through the pile and show me the page.

In fact, I was about to ask the question how can I hook up a service to read the OCRed pdfs with Appsheet. :stuck_out_tongue:



Our use case would be:

  • use barcode feature to scan a UPC
  • use OCR feature to scan the readout on a scale to record with the scanned UPC
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We take analysis of flue gas. With OCR we don’t have to type the parameters into our App but simply scan the Screen.
Example Image:

Great work Appsheet, TYVM!
CRM apps need to OCR Contact data from business cards
Balance sheet apps need to OCR and auto categorize receipts

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This would be perfect for POD’s and collection/delivery status updates for me.