I want Undo/Redo inside my AppSheet app (for pending syncs)

When I rack up pending syncs inside an app… they pile up just like edits do when editing the app.

With the newer UX updates to the editor, which includes undo/redo buttons that make it lightning fast to go back and forth between things…

… I’d love to see this ability inside the actual app!

As always, thanks for considering
partyparrot (Appsheet)

Do you know the nightmare it is, trying to create this functionality inside an app???

  • And then I have to do it for ALL the apps. :frowning:

With the pending syncs listed inside the app’s memory, almost like a table of syncs, I would think it would be “easy” to rewind time with all the details present.

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I need more votes…if only Appsheet would complete features that we asked for instead of things we didn’t, I would have a vote to give this great feature.


I’m running out of votes already @MultiTech_Visions, have mercy.


Tbh i didn’t even think it was possible until you suggested it

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