I wanted to ask if there is a way to force lo...

(EIS Namibia) #1

I wanted to ask if there is a way to force location to be activated (or prompt the user to activate it) on the user’s device when the App is opened. I have a public participation App that captures sightings and the location of the sighting is clearly an important attribute. Currently,

if they proceed to capture data before location has been turned on the App only gives a warning message that it can’t find location and tells the user to close the App and open it again. This will annoy people if they have just spent 5 minutes entering data that will be discarded. Any solutions?

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

Have you thought about to arrange a “test” field, which will check the LatLong value before filling the form… Something like NUMBER(LEFT(TEXT(HERE()),2))>0

You can also check the Lat and Long values individually if needed.

But answer for your original question… unfortunately we don’t have way to activate the GPS.

(Tony Robertson) #3

Hi Aleksi. I have done as you suggest and I guess it fulfills the first requirement. However there is another issue that if I turn off my GPS location on my device halfway through capturing data, the App does not register this has happened as it applies the last location coordinates to my LatLong field, presumably because it is cached somewhere. Can I get it to refresh or something after each save event on my form?