I wanted to edit column only through behavior...

I wanted to edit column only through behavior but a person should not edit that column directly in the app. How to do so?

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Would you please give us more information about the problem, thanks.

Actually I have a column in sheet which I want to be edited only through the actions in the behavior only which I have set. I don’t want that column to be edited directly. I cannot make that column read only as it will give me error in behavior which is supposed to edit that column. I cannot hide that column also.

I made a sample and you should be able to hide that field and still use the action button.

Can you please provide me access to sample

What is your email address?


Hi, I have the same need, the difference is that I need the column to be displayed on the App.

I was thinking about put Editable_if USEREMAIL()=“my_email” but I assume the action will not work if other people use it ?

Hi Aleksi what is the name of that sample app? @Aleksi

It was probably the FormTest in https://www.appsheet.com/portfolio/531778. The main thing is that you need to hide the system generated Edit action button.