I was in yesterday morning's Office Hours web...

(Keith Block) #1

I was in yesterday morning’s Office Hours webinar when Santiago hinted that there might be an unconventional way of using different BaseImages for XY columns. Basically, we want to have a table of Pins with a ReferencedTableName of Drawings and IsPartOf set to true so that we can have a group of pins per Drawing ImageUrl. I started fooling around with it based off the “Custom maps” sample app. Here’s my new Source Data: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1jj2x8HMifQJqoJ1zgm03yp3mgM-6iVH6ec66r_iI6_k/edit?usp=sharing

I made the BaseImage in the Position column set to “=[DrawingKey].[ImageUrl]” and that seemed to work to bring up the right drawing to add pins. It’s not ideal as the map window to add pins is tiny. I’d rather be able to do that through a Map View but I’m having trouble creating the Map View so that it’s per Drawing ImageUrl. Any idea how we could do that?

(Levent KULAÇOĞLU) #2

I was totally unaware that we can use expression in BaseImage property of a XY type column as it seems it only accepts text entry. Thanks for letting us know. @Santiago @praveen can you please elaborate this?

(Rousseau Etienne) #3


Wonderful feature

I have been expecting this feature since the beginning of XY column .

Thanks to the appsheet team