I was trying the Automation module but I was getting an error in my process

I was trying the new automation preview module in Appsheet to create a simple process which looks like this

however, it seems not working and when I check the monitoring app, it looks like this

The “Check plan type if with device” step only checks this simple condition

What am I doing wrong?

Seems like you found a snag with using [_THISROW] is not currently working correctly for expressions within if/else steps. If you just need a column from the row in the context of the process you can just state the column directly [Plan Type] and that would work.

@tsuji_koichi please see my updated response. Hope this helps.

@prithpal I also tried this using only [Plan Type]=“Plan with Device” condition statement but I am still getting the error message “Index was outside the bounds of the array.”

What could this error mean? I duplicated the workflow using the behavior pane and it worked there. I just want to figure out this new automation pane from appsheet because I think this is more understandable by other users in a collaborative setting.

BJ please email support@appsheet.com and allow access to your apps, Granting Application Access | AppSheet Help Center.

We will investigate the issue.