I was wondering if the problem of clicking ba...

(Yossi Oulu) #1

I was wondering if the problem of clicking back in a screen and not returning to the last point you left is about to be solved. My users are complaining a lot. It is an annoying usability issue. Any idea? Thanks Yossi

(Brian Sabino [appsheet]) #2

Back should always take you to the correct view, but it doesn’t take you back to the exact same vertical position (scroll stability).

That behavior hasn’t changed.

I’d encourage you to open a feature request for that at appsheet.com - Login - AppSheet Login - AppSheet appsheet.com

(Yossi Oulu) #3

Hi Brian, Thanks for the answer. I must say that I do not think this is a feature request. I think that this is a bug.

Think what happens to a user that scrolls few screens, sees a related list, clicks the first related row and then realize that this is not the interesting one…

He clicks back and all of a sudden he is lost. He now needs to scroll again few pages to find his last position. And this is for the clever users that actually understood what happened. I know there is this swipe within related rows, but users dont use it, not intutive for some reason. My point is that I see this as a bug.

I think that the product is great! It is just a very annoying point that hearts the usability

Thank you Yossi@Brian_Sabino_appshee