I would expect that if I change the Reference...

(Steven Coile) #1

I would expect that if I change the ReferencedTableName in a Ref column definition, the corresponding auto-generated REF_ROWS columns and actions would also change, but they are not. Consequently, I cannot use the REF_ROWS columns for anything,and I have to update all the actions. Why is this difficult?

(Steven Coile) #2

I should clarify: the referenced table is a slice.

(Tony Fader) #3

@Steven_Coile Hmm, it should automatically update so this is likely a bug. In the mean time, can you try removing the REF_ROWS column (uncheck it). It should be automatically recreated, hopefully with the correct ReferencedTableName.

(Steven Coile) #4

@tony Confirmed: my older app is working improperly: the system-generated actions refer to table views rather than slice views, even after repeatedly deleting and regenerating the corresponding REF_ROWS columns.

(Tony Fader) #5

@Steven_Coile Okay, that makes sense. As a workaround with your older app, can you try editing the deep link part of the View Ref action to point at the correct table/slice? There should be a table= parameter in the link.

(Steven Coile) #6

@tony Unfortunately, no luck. :frowning:

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(Steven Coile) #8

Dunno if relevant: the tables used to be named as the slices are now. I renamed the tables (without adjusting any expressions, so expressions broke), saved, and then added the slices (and expressions began working again). After introducing the slices, I went back and updated the ReferencedTableName fields.

For instance, the table that is now Events0 used to be Events, but was renamed with the 0 to make way for the Events slice that now sits atop it.

(Steven Coile) #9

@tony I began recreating my app from scratch in DailyLog2-381190. Same problem. This completely obviates the utility (and security!) of slices, and prevents further development. I’d consider this a major bug.

(Tony Fader) #10

@Steven_Coile I’m slightly confused. I tried having a Ref column pointing to a slice. Then, I changed the name of the slice. The Ref column needed to be updated (it was still pointing to the old slice), but once I fixed that, it seemed to work fine. The REF_ROWS column was unaffected, since it only depends on the referencing table definition.

Can you say more about how the REF_ROWS column stopped working for you?

(Steven Coile) #11

@tony okay, so I interpret your comment to mean REF_ROWS lists should contain references to the table that underlies a slice, not to the slice. That’s fine, but really not the core of the problem.

When I chaged the referenced-table target from the table to the slice, the actions do not update accordingly. Consequently, the View ref actions point to the table, so when I trigger the action, I’m taken to the table row view, not the slice row view.

This appears to mean I have to now manage all the View ref actions: disabling all those (system ones, that I can’t delete) that point to the table, and creating new ones to point to the slice.

(Steven Coile) #12

@tony Further, I cannot use the REF_ROWS tables in my slice views because the rows they present a) use the wrong views, and b) expose columns I want hidden or in a different order.

(Steven Coile) #13

@tony Looking at the new app, the View ref actions have updated properly, so this problem is limited to my older app. Will reconfirm that…