I would like to be able for someone to captur...

(Sam Bartlett) #1

I would like to be able for someone to capture a screen shot from an outside app into a form - is i possible to do this easily?


(Elan Bailey) #2

I can only speak to how this would work on an IOS device I can easily take a screenshot of any app in use on my smartphone. The image is automatically captured to my photo library.

From there a user will be able to upload the screenshot into any appsheet form that has an image field.

The user may also have to adjust their appsheet settings on

their phone so that when they encounter an image field in your app/form it will prompt them to upload an image from their photo library.

iOS Settings > Appsheet > Allow Appsheet to access camera

Hope this is helpful.


You can also use IFTTT to upload screenshots to a google folder.