I would like to build a schedule template for...

(tissuepeanut tissue) #1

I would like to build a schedule template for each that populates into an actual schedule (for many days)

Schedule Template: 0900: task 1 1100: task 2 1500: task 3

the schedule template only has time but not dates

I would like to copy this template over to the actual schedule repeated for N days

If i copy for N=3 days, then the actual schedule should look like this


0900: task 1 Today+0

1100: task 2 Today+0

1500: task 3 Today+1

0900: task 1 Today+1

1100: task 2 Today+1

1500: task 3 Today+2

0900: task 1 Today+2 1100: task 2 Today+2 1500: task 3

is this possible with Appsheet? Actions seem to only work on one column/value at a time.

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #2

We do not have actions/behavior that copies or creates sets of data like this. If you are using Google Sheets, the best route for now is to use AppScript to do this. Eventually, we’d like to support this kind of capability directly in AppSheet.