I would like to create a workflow for my data...

(Tina Cheng) #1

I would like to create a workflow for my datafile to do the following. I need help with the expression.

I have assigned user emails to view specific data rows (using security filters).

Whenever I update my field name [Gift Status] to “Received”, I would like to trigger a email to be sent out to the user email that the data row is assigned to (to notify the user that a gift has been received).

I would like to specify what this email would say…something simple like "so and so (I’d like to link the name linked to the data row) has just given their gift).

Can someone help me with the behavior workflow expression?

(Tina Cheng) #2

I took screenshots of what I started for my workflow.

The documentation on workflows says that before I deploy my app (which is the stage I’m at now), that these actions will go to the app creator.

That would be me, but I didn’t receive any emails.

What have I done wrong?

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(Aleksi Alkio) #5

The condition rule should be AND([_THISROW_BEFORE].[Gift Status]=“Not received”,[_THISROW_AFTER].[Gift Status]=“Received”). In your body text, you should use <<[Household]>>. Not just [Household].