I would like to create an App using AppSheet ...


I would like to create an App using AppSheet that has the capability to search my Google Sheet data and return / display specific data.

This feature is available now but the first page shows all data - I would like it to be blank apart from the blank form field and search icon.

Can this be done?

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@DALLAS_MOORE I’m afraid I don’t quite understand what you are trying to implement. Could you elaborate on what you mean by “blank page”? Are you referring to the built-in search box in the app?


Just a search box, nothing else on the page.

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@DALLAS_MOORE I’m sorry, but I’m still very confused. What is the name of the app? Also, could you give detailed description of the behavior that you want, preferably step-by-step?


It is a app for my business to update the bin location of our products.

Each item has a barcode and want to scan the barcode pull up the current bin location and input the new bin location.

I don’t want to have the list of the 10,000 products as the first screen, I want just a search box.@Harry

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@DALLAS_MOORE Currently I don’t think it is possible to create an app view that contains only the search box. However, instead of using the search box, you can try using a scannable column in the User Settings table. First, the user will scan the bar code, which will be saved into the column. Next, you can then use a slice to filter only rows that match the scanned bar code stored in the column. To learn more about how to use User Settings, you can check out this article:

intercom.help - User Settings: The Essentials User Settings: The Essentials intercom.help

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intercom.help - User Settings: Example Scenario User Settings: Example Scenario intercom.help