I would like to create an Inventory App, wher...

(Eugene Ho) #1

I would like to create an Inventory App, where my Users (signed-in) are able to update the Inventory whenever they add / remove items from the store. So far I am able to edit the Item Qty in the app, but it does not register who was the one to edit the Item Qty. How can I make it so?

(Daniel R Armstrong) #2

I am thinking you might be able to accomplish this with a multi part action. You could update a column “updated by” then go to a form to complete the audit. Or you you just have a column with useremail() and use maxrow to get the most recent inventory audit.

(Eugene Ho) #3

@Daniel_R_Armstrong hmm, I foresee a problem in which I will only get the most recent “updated by”, but I will require an identity for every update from the store. Any way to work around this?