I would like to know how to make and if it's ...

(Pascual, Carlos (潘仕杰) (Calin)) #1

I would like to know how to make and if it’s possible to make - Scale type - Grid type Type of questions in appsheet? Thanks, Carlos

(Mary Jane Pender) #2

Hi Carlos,

Could you please provide more description of what you are trying to do?

Thanks MJ

(Mary Jane Pender) #3

For example,

what is your app supposed to do?

What is a Scale type mean?

What does a Grid Type mean?

(Mary Jane Pender) #4

Here is a screen shot of the Appsheet editor for the Audit Walkthru app.

Note the “Location on Plan”

column and its Type is “Enum”.

In the column definition I created a list of the rooms that the Sales guy clicks on to select the room that is being reviewed.

See next post for a shot of this column opened in the editor.

(Mary Jane Pender) #5

And… here is the Location on Plan column opened to the column definition so that the Enum List is displayed – can be added to or changed by the app creator.

(Pascual, Carlos (潘仕杰) (Calin)) #6

thank you for the reply. I will try it out.

but I do have to point out that this is not what I expected, I am skeptic that this will work for our team.

Google form layout I feel is more efficient and fast to enter information.

(Mary Jane Pender) #7

So Carlos, you will have to look at your Google Form questions and then find out how to get the same functionality in Appsheet.

Your migration project should not be too difficult.

You probably already have a Google sheet for each Form to capture the answers to your Google Form Questions.

Then what you need to do is create an Appsheet account and create a new app for each google sheet.

Go to You Tube and type into the search box – AppSheet how to create and Appsheet App.

There are hundreds of videos.

Try to look for more recent ones.

(Mary Jane Pender) #8

+Carlos (潘仕杰) Pascual

Give it a try.

You will need to be patient with yourself as you learn how to create AppSheet apps that do the same thing as your forms.

You can send questions to this forum.

Just be sure to make it clear what you are trying to do and if it is related to Google forms then say that and say what you want it to do.

That way people can help you.

Also, make use of the documentation under the Support page

when you sign into your AppSheet account.

(Mary Jane Pender) #9

Well it is past my bedtime, so I am leaving the forum for tonight.

If you would like a little walk through on how you can use AppSheet to replace one or more of your Google Forms, send me an email and I can set up a Zoom conference call where we can share a desktop and do an example.

my email - pendermj@gmail.com



(Pascual, Carlos (潘仕杰) (Calin)) #10

thank you very much for your insightful answers, I have taken note of them and will try them out.

I have also shared with you the Google form we use so you can have an idea of the information we gather and our needs.

Good night, best, Carlos

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+Carlos (潘仕杰) Pascual Carlos, on a personal note, please know that the people of Guatemala are in our thoughts as they deal with the disaster from the volcano eruptions.

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thanks for the message and concern about Guatemala, the family is ok but a lot of people are affected because of the debris that came from the volcano. here are some photos from friends and family that they have shared from Guatemala.

photos.google.com - 火火山 Fuego volcano eruption 火火山 Fuego volcano eruption photos.google.com

(Dinh Nguyen Nguyen) #13

+Carlos (潘仕杰) Pascual Hi Pascual, I’m afraid scale and grid questions are currently not supported in AppSheet. However, you might be able to achieve a similar effect with Enum and Enum List.

(Pascual, Carlos (潘仕杰) (Calin)) #14

We would like to migrate from Google Forms that has limited functionality to AppSheet, but the biggest limitation is the limited options for data entry on the end user.

We need to have Scale and Grid type questions to make a better use of the cellphone real estate, if we don’t use this types then the app becomes a huge list that is difficult to manage and understand for en user.

(Mary Jane Pender) #15

+Carlos (潘仕杰) Pascual


Hi Carlos, Appsheet will be perfect for you.

It doesn’t use the same terminology as Google forms but you can get the same and more functionality :

Grid type:

Yes you can do the same as Google Form Grid Type questions by creating sets of choices that the user selects in answer to a question.

The Question is a Google Sheet column and the list of answer choices could be from an Enum type column (allows you to create a list of answers) that the user can select.

The selected choice is then saved into the google sheet under the column for that question.

  1. Scale type of answer:

Appsheet has slider types – you make the column a number, then click open the column specifiations in the Appsheet editor, Set a Max value and a Min value (for example - 5 and 1).

In the Number Display Mode select Range.

Hope this helps Carlos.

You and your users will get a lot of

functionality from Appsheet that you just can’t get from Google Forms.


(Pascual, Carlos (潘仕杰) (Calin)) #16

Dear Mary Jane

Is there a way to see how the Grid Type and Scale Type appears in the appsheet? This will make it more clear.

My impression is not that it’s not possible, i feel that the UI will be not be practical. We need to pack many questions in a very small area and also not have the need to type the response, the user can just select the answer.

Appsheet questions layout uses a lot of space. and in our case we need to enter a lot of very detail data in a small space.

I have uploaded (can only upload 1 photo) the current Google Form we use, as you can see each of the lines (flavor, aftertaste,acidity…) would be substituted in Appsheet by a drop down menu or a type in field. This is totally not practical since the user needs to enter this information for 12 different coffees and for each coffee we have 17 different questions which makes a form of 204 questions. + some 30 general questions.

(Mary Jane Pender) #17

Hi Carlos, attached here are some samples where the user just selects the item they want.

They don’t type in anything. Here is one for a Walk thru of a condo where my sales guy taps on the room and then taps on the Status.

(Mary Jane Pender) #18

Here is an example of a simple drop down choice.

(Mary Jane Pender) #19

Here is a Slider example from the Appsheet Support documentation:

Note that this is very simple – the column question could be How High was the Volume on a scale of 1 to 11?

And the user slides the button over to 6.

(Pascual, Carlos (潘仕杰) (Calin)) #20

Hello Mary Jan

thanks for the example, this is very useful visualization. Do you have a link to video/documentation on this type of question (what is the name/option?)