I would like to know how to prevent duplicate numbers in two columns

like name of column one is Tele other is Tele 2, if number in any columns it wouldn’t allow , any ideas please ?
sorry for my English im trying to prevent duplicate like this
number in column Tele is 01117111388 if it is also in Column Tele 2 which is 01117111388
it would not be valid ? any ideas


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Hello, i was there before i post the problem and typed the code and thought it works but actually it didn’t would give me some tips ?

What did you try? In what way did it not do what you want?

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NOT(IN([_THIS], SELECT(Users[User_Name], [UserID] <> [_ThisRow].[UserID])))

i used this one my sheet like this
NOT(IN([_THIS], SELECT(Clients [Tele 2], [Tele] <> [_ThisRow].[Tele])))
and it was accepted but the function didn’t work, i need as the following
if the number in [Tele] = [Tele 2 ] make it invalid

Where did you enter these expression? I would expect them to be used in Valid If. The first for the User_Name column of the Users table, the second for the Tele 2 column of the Clients table.

Can you provide screenshots?

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As attachments i added in Valid if for Tele as the code and it is acceptable as expression
But if i added any other number in Tele 2 and it is already in the column sheet in Tele it would not work

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I wonder if this would do what you want done?

NOT(IN([_THIS], Clients[Tele 2]))

well Sir thank you so much, i got the idea from the type of coding and in Tele i did same code as you typed
then i went to Tele 2 and typed it as NOT(IN([_THIS], Clients[Tele]))
and it WORKED!!
you made my day thank you so much

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