I would like users of my app to be able to up...

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I would like users of my app to be able to update rows directly in a table view. The items are just Y/N items so they can just click each row. I haven’t found a way to make items in a table editable - that can only be done in Detail view type but then each record is shown in a form. This is too slow for my users - they have to click Y or N then move to the next record. It would be better for them if they could just click Y or N on each row of a table view. Is it possible to update fields in a table view?

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Thank you @Suvrutt_Gurjar those links are very helpful. I am part way to a solution. I have two problems now: 1. I want the action to update values from two columns in my rows - I can so far only find a way to get it to update one.

  1. When my users use the search feature to find an item the selection icon disappears. This is a serious problem because they are using the search to get to the items they need then they need to do the selection
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OK I have solved #2 problem - long clicking on a row switches into selection mode. Nice! Now just #1 to solve. If anyone has any suggestions I’m all eyes :slight_smile:

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Hi @Karl_Rolfe,Good to know,

the articles were helpful. AppSheet portal has extensive ,useful documentation.

Also great to know, you got resolution to second requirement.

On the first requirement,

may I know, do you wish the two columns to be updated with the same values always ? I mean column 1 with say always “Good” and column 2 with always “Best”.

Also I presume since you wish to control two updates with 1 action button , you always wish to have both the column values updated always with same values, as I wrote above. Please confirm.

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Thanks for your reply again @Suvrutt_Gurjar and in fact I have just solved #1 as well. To your question, yes I actually want both cols to update with the same value, both need to have a value of “true”. The way I solved it was to create 3 actions one to update col1, another to update col2 then another "grouped: execute a sequence of actions"which executes the first two actions. The downside is I have three action buttons now in my app where I probably only really need the last one. But on the upside if my users only want to update col1 or col2 they can do so easily now.

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Oh and now I see the option in the Prominence area to not display an action so I can actually hide the first two actions :slight_smile:

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Ah yes, thank you @Suvrutt_Gurjar that is another good suggestion. However at this stage I will leave it as I have it because I will soon be adding more users and they will then want to be able to change the values of the two columns independently.

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Thank you


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Hi @Karl_Rolfe, Great indeed. Appreciate.

Just on a second though,since you wish both the columns to update with the same value,can you explore the following?

You may have just one action on Column 1 to set its value. Then in Column 2 , in the App Formula you can have an expression such as IF([Column1]=True, 'True", False") or simply =[Column1}, since both the columns have same value?

This solution will update 2 columns with 1 action.

Hope this helps.

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Hi @Karl_Rolfe, I request you to take a look at following article .You may wish to explore the concept of Bulk actions.


You may also take a look at the Bulk Actions Sample app


Hope this helps. Actions: The Essentials help.appsheet.com