Icon Appsheet on install shortcut on android

How can i remove the appsheet icon on install shortcut on android ?
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like this

You can’t.

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Mark is correct. Many of my users complain about this. I suggest they move the AppSheet icon to a back page of apps. It is the “container” that runs your app.

I assume that a white label app would not have the AppSheet icon. But I haven’t made a white label app. That is coming soon for me. @Marc_Dillon Do you know if white label apps have to have the AppSheet app?

What you mean, move the AppSheet icon to a back page of apps?
And how can i do?

I use an iPhone. I click and hold the icon and select edit home screen. That allows me to drag the AppSheet icon to another page of icons. That way I don’t see it.

Of course, this needs to be done after the user has installed a shortcut directly to your app. They will use the short cut to get into your app.

Oh. Oke.
Thanks f ur information.
I think, I have do. Because on the my home screen, and shorcut icon app i dont see it