Icon for Pint Glass shows up as Martini Glass in multiple locations

A Pint Glass Icon, when applied to any action or otherwise (either Solid, Regular, Light version of the icon) shows up as a Martini Glass in the app and in “Format Rules” area.

In the develop options, the Pint glass is referred to as: fas fa-glass
The Martini glass is referred to as : fas-fa-glass-martini.

When I apply the pint glass icon however, the icon that shows up is the Martini Glass, but the developer options show it still thinks it’s the pint glass “i class=“GenericActionButton__icon fa fas fa-glass””

I think it’s just a simple mix up on the back end for AppSheet.

How can I get their attention towards this?

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This is a bug. Please contact support@appsheet.com for help with this.

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