Icon sample data

I’m finding that with the prolific amount of icons available, it would be very handy to have something that I could direct client to for them to pick an icon for something.

Often the client and I will face difficulty finding a time to meet in person or online, where we can go over the options in the AppSheet editor - these being clients that don’t have access to editing the app.

For these clients it would be handy to have a sample app or webpage that I could send them to that contains all the icons with their names; this way the client can spend however long they want pouring over the multitude of icon options and really feel like they’re getting a chance to customize things.

As always, thanks for considering!!!

Have you thought to give this link to your client? https://fontawesome.com/icons?d=gallery

Is that where the list comes from? Going to that list, I can already see this won’t work; there are icons in that list that are not inside the app editor.

But thanks for trying! :slight_smile:

Yes that’s true, the icons we have in the app is not the same than this full list.

Still, it’s better than nothing - just have to put a caveat in there when passing along the link. :wink: