ICS_CALENDAR, New Feature? How it works?

Hi all,
I’ve just checked this new SAVE FILE option in wofflow actions, do you know how it works?
I can’t find any docs about this new feature


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@JCadence this is what we’re talking about… Easter eggs everywhere…

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Thanks for pointing this out @Grant_Stead Gathering some info on this now.

Hi @Fernando_Lopez. I spoke with the engineer and this feature is still a work in progress. Documentation and additional information will be available in the next few days. Thank you for your patience while we make improvements.


@Grant_Stead one person’s easter egg is another person’s early preview :]


Well played :smiley:

Thank you @JCadence, very exciting feature !!!

@Fernando_Lopez We will be posting about this feature in today’s Feature Friday. For direct access to the new support article, visit this page.

@TyAlevizos just posted a great summary of this new feature here. Check it out!

Thank you @JCadence