I'd like to ask about publishing an app on th...

(Kirk Masden) #1

I’d like to ask about publishing an app on the Publisher Pro plan.

With my app, it is necessary for the user to have his or her own Google sheet because each user with need to have his or her own data for the app to be useful.

It is also necessary for the user to be able to open the Google sheet and edit his or her data directly.

Is that possible?

By the way, I want to user to be able to keep his or her data private, unless the person decides to share the Google sheet with someone.

(Benoit Gramond) #2

Why is that important to have multiple google sheets?

In my opinion, using appsheet help controlling the data entered in the sheet to make sure no mistakes are done, this i why I would prefer nobody changing data from the sheet.

If you add a table with user mails and a column that will automatically fill the user mail when they enter data through the app, you can then use a slice and set the condition with usermail() to make sure that the users have only access to their data

(Kirk Masden) #3

@Benoit_Gramond Thanks for your response. Your solution would lead to a single huge data set – each user may have hundreds or even thousands of records (it’s a vocabulary, flashcard app).

If I have thousands of users and each has about a thousand unique records, that’s going to make for a huge data set.

Also, I would like each user to be able to be confident that their data is private.


Your point about AppSheet protecting against mistakes that can occur when human beings enter data directly is well taken.

That is indeed something I need to think about.

(Benoit Gramond) #4

@Kirk_Masden :slight_smile: indeed I understand better your point.

I do not see the solution for you, I hope that somebody from AppSheet

will see your post!

I could maybe do something with workflows or use google script with onEdit trigers to create the files.

(Reza Raoofi) #5

I think Private Tables would have been the feature to use in your scenario; however since it requires user Sign-in to recognize users, I believe it is not available in Publisher plans; it is only available in Secure plans Premium and Pro.

(Kirk Masden) #6

Thanks @RezaRaoofi!

I guess this confirms my feeling that I need to keep doing what I’m doing now.

Have people copy my entire app for free from my profile page (as a sample app) and then use it with their own information.