Id missing weekdays in a table and add them copying from existing weekdays

hi, all, back to the community after a long while, but never away from appsheet.
excited about automation.
this is my challenge:
i import into a table this csv data:
State, Last Name, First Name, Shift Start Date, Shift Total Time.
5 states, 100 last/first names, most make entries for the week’s work but not all 7 days, for example Saturdays, Sundays.
i need to automate once weekly on report day, inserting the weekdays missing for each state+L/F name with zero in Shift Total Time.
can’t get my head around how check record by record for a missing weekday in the file for that state/LFname then create a single line replicating all but ShiftTotalTime zero.
thanks in advance for any ideas.


Just to clarify, this category is meant for posts concerning the new Automation processing that’s currently in preview mode - i.e. not yet ready for prime-time usage. Are you asking for implementation help using the new the Automation tools or for help with a production app? If the later, I would recommend moving this to the Questions category. More people will see it there.

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hi, i want help to implement with Automation Tools. thanks.

@Eso_Surveyors you can create a bot with an event of type “scheduled” and select the ForEachRowInTable option. This will invoke (at the scheduled time) a process for each row in the underlying table. In the process you can have condition checks for rows that have any of the shift values blank. You can that use a task (data action type ) to update the required entries.