ID or content stored on google sheet

Hi, when referencing tables my google sheet turns unreadable, because instead of client name I see the client Id.
I’m attaching an Image of how my sheet look with my original data, and how appsheet changes the client name for the I’d.
Is there a way to keep the sheet readable?

Hi Gaston. How are you referencing these other tables? Are you using ref columns in this case:

Yes, tables are using ref type.
This is my map.

What I need is the spreadsheet to be readable. For example, after I reference by ID, instead of “John” in “Ejecutivo” column, I see the ID, so when someone else get into the spreadsheet they see 45EEHCC instead of John. I think this is not possible because it´s the ID whats linking one table to another, right?
Should I build some lookups for the spreadsheet to read the correct data?

Use the client name as the key column.

Oh! Ok!
I read so much about recomendations on generating IDs that I was always around that.
Using each item as the ID solve the problem

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