Id reference

(francesco cannone) #1

table 1 refers to table 2 the column to which it refers is called Column ID (A) and is composed of progressive numbers.
in table 1 I have a form where he asks me to insert the ID. the problem is that instead of the ID number appearing, a datum appears that I have inserted in the column (D) of the same row
but then when the form is saved the data in the google sheet is ‘correct’ ie number


@francesco_cannone - I am not completely clear what your setup is, but i would first check what your column “label” setting is. It could be in your form you are seeing the defined label for the Ref and not the column data itself?

(francesco cannone) #3

I thank you for the interest I solved
I did not select the label in the ID folder


Glad to hear you figured it out. I found labels to be a bit confusing and now check what has been automatically selected as a label myself. Learning as we go!