Identify new listing by color

Hi all. I have a database that is populated by a zap from zapier. I would like to know how I can identify new entries with a different color, or another setting using the back end with a formula??? CAn anyone please helpme? Edward Blue Mountains Australia.

I think you can create format rule with newest timestamp or counting from the 1st row to bottom of database, which one is MAXROW() <=> newest entry, MAXROW()-1 <=> last entry added before newest…, then you set the format rule for identify new entries.

I didn’t try to build the formula but I think this would works

Define “new entries”.

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Hi Trung,
I am really out of my depth here. I was wondering if at all you do a step
by step walk-thru with some screen shots, as I am 60yrs old and visual?



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I need you to help me defind your “new entries”. It’s depend on timestamp or just lastest added entry in your table?

I need something to be a checkpoint and set the true false status or some other status like my own table (especialy last virtual column: define_new_entries)

This is my formula for lastest entries of the table

	) = [_THISROW].[_RowNumber],

I count data entries inside the table first then compare with the ROWNUMBER of ROW to defind which one is newest data entry (TRUE) or not (FALSE)

Other case that we can do with timestamp rule

if TIMESTAMP of create_date + 30 mins >= NOW() => newest entry => TRUE
if TIMESTAMP of create_date + 30 mins < NOW() => newest entry => FALSE