Identifying Weekdays So They Can Be Grouped

It’s very, very simple. ALL I’m trying to do is group a list of product writeoffs by Fridays so I can aggregate the total cost of each week.

Absolutely none of the “help articles” are fixing this problem.
Here’s what I’m not trying to do:

  1. Filter out Fridays. I don’t need this because I’m trying to find the week’s total, not just the total of all writeoffs done on Fridays alone.

  2. Group with the “EOWEEK” expression. This puts the writeoffs grouped by Saturday and I don’t want that. I’ve succesfully grouped them like this, however, so I KNOW that grouping them simply by a week day HAS to be possible.

  3. Find the weekday numbers. I’ve already created a virtual column that does this, and I can then group the writeoffs by this virtual column, but it just groups them by all the Monday writeoffs, then all the Tuesday writeoffs, etc.

  4. Make a yes/no virtual column. I’ve already tried this, and again it filters out everything that’s not a friday and only shows the writeoffs done on those specific days.

I need to tell appsheet to identify, not filter, the writeoffs that were done on Fridays, and then have them grouped like this:

May 22nd
May 21st
May 20th
May 19th
May 18th
May 15th
May 14th
May 13th
May 12th
May 11th

And so on. I cannot for the LIFE of me get the expression right for this, and I’m 100% out of ideas. Frustrated to no end.

The date of the Friday of the week of an arbitrary date:

([Date] - WEEKDAY([Date]) + 6)

Create a (virtual?) column with each day’s computed Friday then group by that.

See also:

Do you mean that the bracketed word “Date” should be replaced by the name of the column from which the data is being gotten?

Or if one of them gets the actual “[Date]” (<-- that’s including the brackets and the word ‘Date’) and the other gets the bracketed name of the column from which the data is being gotten, which one needs which?

Yep! Sorry for not mentioning that.

Friday of the week containing the date in the Entry Date column (Entry Date’s week’s Friday):

([Entry Date] - WEEKDAY([Entry Date]) + 6)

Friday of this week (today’s week’s Friday):