If any of these are not blank

Hi there AppSheet warriors,

My love and hate relatioship with the expressions i becoming more and more interesting.
I have created a slice for my deadlines, for which I have already chosen my columns. I am now trying to create an expression to filter the rows:
I only want to see the rows where at least one fo the deadline fileds (columns) are not blank, since this slice is to keep an eye on deadlines.

I have tried a few different variations with the function “OR” but the didn’t work.
Then I tried with “ANY” and it is valid at least but:
1 - It mentions 'RANDOMLY" any of the options and I am not sure that is what I want
2 - It only recognized 2 of my options between and I wrote 3 of them.

Could someone please teach me what it is that I am doing wrong here?

Thank you!!

ANY(…) is more or less the same as INDEX(SomeList, 1).

You want:
OR(ISNOTBLANK([Deposit Due Date]), ISNOTBLANK([Final Payment Due]), ISNOTBLANK([Final Rooming List Due]))

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Thanks a lot @Bahbus
It is cool to feel that we are learning, I had actually tried that approach but without parentheses before and after every
It is a very slow learning curve for me but Im happy to see I’m not stalled!

Thanks again!!!

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    [Deposit Due Date],
    [Final Payment Due],
    [Final Rooming List Due]
  - LIST("")
  1. LIST(...) is an arbitrary list of values.
  2. ... - LIST("") removes any blank values from (1).
  3. ISNOTBLANK(...) asks, are there any non-blank values remaining after (2)?
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Thanks a lot @Steve
I had tried something similar to this as well but
without the (2). Pretty beautiful how these expressions unfold :+1:!


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