If cell is 0, please give reason

I am the delivery manager for a water company.
Each stop the driver does they pick up a number of bottles, and replace them with full ones.
They then enter in how many bottles were delivered in one cell, and then how many were returned.
I am hoping that when they enter a 0 in the delivered cell there is a way for them to select a preset reason; examples: “No bottles left out” “Called and left a message” “Called and phone number is wrong” “4 week customer” “on hold” “customer requested 0 bottles”
Any help would be much appreciated!

In general, you could explore the following approach.

Presume the [Delivered] is a number type column

Please have an Enum button called say [ Reason] with the following valid_if

IFS( [Delivered]=0, { “No bottles left out”, “Called and left a message” ,“Called and phone number is wrong”, “4 week customer” ,“on hold”, “customer requested 0 bottles”}, [Delivered]>0, LIST(CONCATENATE([Delivered], " bottles delievered")))

Please make this enum column as “Required” in column setting


Thank you for your reply Suvrutt!
How would I make it so a dropdown appears when “Delivered” is 0, and so a reason has to be selected in order to save?

[reason] must be a column in your table, the same one that has the bottle quantities.

Set that column to Enum type, and its validif property to the above magic formula.

Or perhaps I don’t understand your las question

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I pretty much need to be able to see in the excel file the reason the driver didn’t deliver a bottle, so if a customer calls and says they didn’t get bottles I can say “it looks like our driver attempted to phone you and he also left a message” or “there weren’t any empty bottles left out.”

So on the driver’s end when they enter in 0 delivered I want a required drop down to appear in which they have to select a reason.

When I tried to follow the first solution, all that happened was a box appeared at the bottom of the page on the app that said " “No bottles left out”, “Called and left a message” ,“Called and phone number is wrong”, “4 week customer” ,“on hold”, “customer requested 0 bottles” " and there was a grayed out arrow that didn’t do anything at the bottom right of the box.
Perhaps this is because I am not very well versed with appsheet; what I did was created a virtual column and called it [Reason] and copied in the above mentioned formula, and set the virtual colum to “enum list” as I got an error when I only set it to “enum”

Make it a physical column, not a virtual column