If condition help

Hello everyone, i want to make a if condition, if it’s true write yes or ask the original values. How can i do it. It must have a simple solution. But i can’t find, how to ask the orginal values in else condition.

So, you want to show “Yes” based on the value in a column, if the value not meet the if condition, then show the value? Here is an example: show “Yes” if the original value is blank.

Let’s say you have a column called [ Original Value ]
And You can add a virtual column with formula like:

IF(ISNOTBLANK([Original Value]), [Original Value], “Yes”)

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I couldn’t understand it. Let me explain, I have simple options,
Separate Hall, Yes or No
Kitchen Inside, Yes or No

If “separate hall” is yes, insert the “kitchen inside” also yes, if “separate hall” is no , ask if “kitchen Inside” is yes or no.

Please tell me how can i achieve this.