If edit expression

If I have table X with a column “X1” which equal to USEREMAIL()

and I have Table Y with a column Y1

and I have Table Z with a column Z1

I need to make expression as if edit … in column Z1 where it allows edit if the value of X1 is equal to a value of the listed emails in Y1



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Perfect it working…

Now if in table Y I have column Y2 which have items A, B, C

ie Y1 are emails each one has value in Y2 different

so that the condition is the user name from Y1 and has a value say A

My understanding it will be AND expression

AND((IN( USEREMAIL() , Y[Y1] ),Y[Y2]=“A”)

I am receiving a message Cannot compare List with Text in (Y[Y2] = “A”)

Please advise, may it require this row …

try use IF() and SELECT() functions for filter data

I can’t understand what you’re trying to achieve with your description. Perhaps providing real data examples will help.

Know that any expression of Table[Column] (such as Y[Y2]) is going to return a list of all Column contents in the entire table. As Hugo suggested, you’ll possibly need to use SELECT().

To make it clear

Table Y

I need to write an expression which to allow if the USEREMAIL is one of the listed emails in table Y,

Column Y1, and is matching with say item “C” in column Y2, this edit shall be allowed

The expression is to be written for edit if for column in table X


LOOKUP( USEREMAIL() , “Y” , “Y1” , “Y2” ) = “C”

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