If/EndIf to work across multiple columns in table row


In my report email template I have a table row with multiple columns, and I would like to have an if/endif around the full row but inside the cells. i.e. the first cell in the row has the <> and the last cell in the row has the <>. This is currently not supported. To do this I have to put the if/endif in every cell, which is not ideal as I have 8 columns and 20 rows i.e. I would need 160 if/endifs instead of 20.

The only way I could get it to work (without 160 if/endifs) was to break each row into a separate (one row) table and put the if/endif outside of the row. This works, except the vertical lines in the table don’t line up, as each row is a separate table.

I have attached a screenshot to show the way I had to do it.


The data rows table in the template is automatically generated with the <<Start:>><<End>> expression. Provided you want to hide the data rows in the table where there is no data, then the only way is using <<If:>><<EndIf>>. However, provided you want to avoid rows to be listed in the table where some particular column value is blank, you can simply set it within your SELECT expression:



This will not work for me as the 20 entries are in one row in my google sheet table, so I have 20 static if/endifs rows that I show/hide depending on the values in the 20 columns in that row.

There is a better description of my use case here If/EndIf in table in report