(If-Expression) referring to addressee in workflow

In the workflow reaction “email” is there a way to write an if-condition that contains a recipient of the email?

I want to include some information in the Email Body that only a certain addressee stated in the “To Email address” section is able to see. How can I refer to that section (in the Email Body)?
Something like: <<IF([addressee] = …, “Comment:” [comment], “”)>>.

Otherwise, I understand that I would need to add a new action tailored to each recipient with different email content.

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Thank you @Steve for your rapid response. I see that I was emphasising too much on the if expression in my question. However, I actually want to know whether it is possible to refer to the addressee field in general. Regardless of the expression type. This field is what I want to grasp/ refer to:

In order to be able to differentiate the content in my email body depending on the recipient.

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If you want to use an expression in To field, turn on the expression toggle on the left


Thank you, @LeventK, and yes, that’s clear to me. I don’t want to add an expression in the To field, I want to refer to the To field in my email body. I want to say: if my addressee is [lead], show [comment] in the body. If the recipient is someone else (of course, if there is another address added in the To field), don’t show [comment].

How do you distinguish that certain addressee?

Well, that’s somehow my question. Or if I, otherwise, really need to create an action for each recipient whose email text differs slightly from the other.

You cannot reference the To: field from the template. If you hard-code the recipient, you will need separate templates for each recipient.

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