If false do nothing

I’m trying to filter my suggested values to only show those handlers with Admin privileges. I have a separate sheet for users and their rank from before. I tried to merge the users and staff pages but everything broke.

if(AND([Handler Full Name]=“Users[Full Name]”, “Users[Admin Level]”=“Admin”), [Handler Full name], “”)
The expression is valid but its result type ‘Name’ is not one of the expected types: List

This is what it shows me now.
It was also telling me that the types of both results have to match? But I don’t want it to pull through any other values.


Users[Admin Level]=“Admin”

would pull EVERY records value from the table (instead of a single users), instead try this:

Next, you’ll want to check out the SELECT() formula - it’s what will allow you to build a list


“Users[Full Name]”–with quotes around it as you have it–is the literal text, Users[Full Name]. It is NOT the value of the Full Name column as I expect you intend.

Further, Users[Full Name] is a table-column reference, which produces a list of values. Comparing a singular value ([Handler Full Name]) against a list of values does NOT search for the singular value in the list, as you may intend.

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