If I have a sheet with numerical data that is...

(Jim Getten) #1

If I have a sheet with numerical data that is added in the spring and then updated in the fall for cattle weights and days on feed, how do I use an app to do that and can I calculate the totals by the animal for a printout? Do I need more than one sheet or app?

(Reza Raoofi) #2

I believe you could have one app for both purposes with one view for adding data, and one view for checking weights for cattle that are due for checking. Regarding tables I think you would need at least 2 tables; one for cattle, and one for weights or any other measures you need to update per each cattle which could be on different sheets (tabs) in the same spreadsheet.

I recommend reading these articles to get a hang of app design and data modeling: https://intercom.help/appsheet/app-design/app-design-101


(Stephen Mattison) #3

@Jim_Getten Mr Reza has the right idea for you.

Appsheet is perfect for what you are wanting to do.

This should be an easy app to build.

You’ll probably be able to expand this simple app to track anything you want about your cattle, even add a photo for each cow!

Very useful app!

Here’s a Sample app that should help you, also has some bar code functioning that might come in handy.

Good luck! Stock Management App - This inventory app uses barcode scanner to record stock in and stock out. appsheet.com

(Jim Getten) #4

Thanks to you both. Now tell me how I get rid of the comma in my data. Cattle tags contain 4 and 5 digit numbers that show up with a comma in the app.

(Jim Getten) #5

@Stephen_Mattison Many thanks!!