If this cell in these sheets is not blank, show info from several different cells

I’m looking to a solution for a problem…
I have a delivery app that I made, and sometimes certain customers need extra bottles, a water cooler replaced etc.
So what we have been doing is we type in the special note in the “Day notes” column on the sheet for the specific route… and then we copy a portion of the row over to a “Daily Notes” sheet that serves as an overview for the drivers before they leave the depot.
Sometimes me or my business partner miss copying it over and the driver discovers in the middle of their route that they were supposed to have a cooler with them and then they have to come back to the store.

Each driver has 8 to 10 routes, and all routes are on the same workbook in seperate sheets. I’d like to figure out a formula for each driver that would be something like "If Day Notes Peter is not blank in [Sidney], [Oak Bay], [Tattersal], [Downtown] etc show First Name, Last Name, Apartment, Address, Phone 1, Phone 2, Day Notes, Next Month, Date columns in Daily Notes(the daily outlook) tab if it is for TODAY.

Any help would be much appreciated!

Daily Notes Tab
![day notes|690x345](upload://2LdacN0w0LifD4zelc6gbq2jmk6.png)
Specific Route Tab