If we have 'Share' disabled, can we have the ...

If we have ‘Share’ disabled, can we have the option of removing it completely from the bottom, and also allow the sync button to be moved to the menu to make space for more views?

Much requested.

We do have to enabled this. I have been saying “coming soon” for so long now that people have stopped asking. Have to finally do it to restore some shred of credibility!

I can imagine that you have a lot to do, Praveen. I don’t mean to rush you but just let you know that I found myself wondering about this again today. In particular, on my app, I would like to find a way to make access to menu views constant. Currently, the menu icon in the upper left-hand corner of the screen is frequently supplanted by the “back” arrow in my app. I appreciate having the “back” function but I’m concerned that some users may not know how to make the menu icon reappear. If I could designate that the share spot should be used for one of these functions, that would solve the problem. Thanks!

Adding @morgan who is our UX expert.

As I understand it, in general, navigation options should appear in the top bar. Still, it is an open question to me whether the menu should always be available. Would love to hear Morgan’s opinion.

Btw, the Share button in the bottom bar is no longer required. It can be overridden by you.

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Thanks! Your reply led me to the “Allow five views in the bottom navigation bar” option. Unfortunately, I have two problems with that. First, if possible, I’d like to leave the Sync button where it is – it needs to be visible for novices who use my app. Second, I can’t find a way to put the “Menu” button where the “Share” button is. It wouldn’t be a problem for me if the menu button appeared both on top and bottom of the screen.

You cannot choose the location of either the Sync button or the menu button.

Thanks! I’ll just put in on my wish list. :sweat_smile: