If you see a scary warning from Google during the signin process

Google is in the process of verifying all of its third party apps to ensure valid data access. This is a good thing. However, in the process, they have screwed up AppSheet signin for a few users. If you are one of the unlucky few, you will see a scary screen when you try to sign into AppSheet, telling you there is “danger”, AppSheet is “unverified” and not to proceed. The root cause is that permissions you may have given us in the past are no longer valid, and when we try to sign you in, Google’s security system freaks out. This is a Google bug/wierd behavior that we expect them to fix and expect to have this resolved with Google sometime on Monday. It is frustrating when they made this change on a Sunday.

In the interim, there are one of two things you can do:
a) If the warning screen has an Advanced option, you can click on that, and proceed with your sign in, ignoring their dire warnings. or …
b) You can follow the steps below …

  1. Go to https://myaccount.google.com/permissions
  2. Under “Third party apps with account access”, find AppSheet, click on it, and then “Remove Access”
  3. Go to https://www.appsheet.com/account/login and sign in via Google … this should now work.
  4. If you had set up any Google Calendar data source, or any Google Domain auth source, please go to your account page in AppSheet, find the appropriate Calendar data source or Domain auth source, click on its icon, and go thru its signin process once again.

@praveen I have just checked my app and facing problem in login.
Its saying
" Sign in with Google temporarily disabled for this app
This app has not been verified yet by Google in order to use Google Sign In."
Pls advise solution.
JPS Gujral

Thank you @praveen, I found the problem this morning, and the solution you gave us worked perfectly !!!



I followed the steps you describe and it works fine. So, in the future will this happen again?

No, this is a one-time thing. Google has messed this up and I hope to have a resolution shortly.

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I followed these steps and I’m still getting the error. Is there anything else to be done?

@Tecnologia_Educativa are you sure you removed any prior permissions for AppSheet in the Third-Party Access section of https://account.google.com … instead of AppSheet, it might say “Unverified Developer” in that section.

Yey, worked fine for me :slight_smile:

I’m still having this issue logging in. I have deleted and redownloaded Appsheet. I have deleted the accounts on the devices and replaced. I have gone to the Google Account webpage for both my Premium and Pro accounts and removed access then signed back in to Appsheet. I then went back and checked that the Google permissions had been updated to a few minutes ago. Still same problem. I tried adding Google in the Sources under the Appsheet account page but it doesn’t appear listed after adding as I assume since I use Google to sign. Anything else I can try?

Edit: I am able to log in using an incognito window in Chrome on my computer. It is only only my Android Devices.

Please contact support@appsheet.com for further assistance.

@Matt_H — maybe you need to sign out of Google on the device? It seems odd but the only thing I can think is that perhaps Android caches google authentication information in some native way. We’re not hearing any other report of this.

I tried again and now it worked. Thank you!


Here in Sweden, I have no access the last 24 hours due to ‘access to this app has been temporarily disabled’. I’ve tried deleting the ‘setting’ in the google account permissions, and then logging out of google, and then accessing appsheet again and I get the same message.

Browser chrome.

Any other suggestions about this, or is it just a sit and wait for google thing?



Any idea when this will be officially resolved? I’m having issues with this today.

This just hit me today. The resolution offered worked as described. How likely is this to affect all of my app users?

This doesn’t affect users. Only app creators who had added a Google Calendar data source.

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Well, I don’t have any apps that use the calendar?