Iferror function/expression with wf rule

Dear @Praveen and @Phil,
Could it be possible to have an action, expression or built-in variable i.e. IFERROR(“Workflow_Rule_Name”) or something similar which will return a boolean value as the result of a workflow rule execution, so that we can use it to trigger or not to trigger other consequtive or non-consequtive actions?

I believe, it might be quite beneficial when using multiple actions in a workflow rule for example: Action 1, Action 2, Action 3… We can set a rule, option or expression in a way that if Action1 fails, do not run Action2 and/or Action3 or likewise. Just brainstorming and thanks for considering.

With the addition to the platform of being able to include multiple steps in a workflow, it seems this will increasingly become more important.

For instance, I saw a post by @Aleksi about how you can save a file with one action then email the file with a second action in the same workflow; but if the first action fails to create the file, then for sure I wouldn’t want the email to go out.

Thanks for chiming in @MultiTech_Visions. I believe as long as the platform evolves itself, we - as devs - should have a better debugging control. It’s not always digging down the whole audit history to find out where the hell that error had happened. And besides, provided you are not on a Business Plan, you don’t have any chance to dig down the error from that audit log longer than 24hrs. So you won’t be knowing what the error was provided it had occurred 2 days ago for example.

I’m just trying to look thru the perspective of developers rather than the normal app users actually. Not trying to be the Devil’s advocate here but just humbly think that as long as we have better control of the platform, we can better serve our clients. This is quite easy for me when writing scripts for example. I always but always enclose my code between a try & catch algorithm and send me a detailed email if error occurs (not in every case but in major functions) i.e. which function, what code line etc. so that I can open even from my mobile and debug the reason.

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